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Narnia; The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe

I have been sorting through things because of my upcoming move. I came across this movie, so I decided to watch it. I had been cautioned by friends that it might be a Christian story because, like Christ, Narnia's Lion goes willingly to his own sacrifice.

During WWII in Britain, the four Pevensie siblings, Peter, Edmund, Susan and Lucy are sent to the country to avoid being bombed in the city. The youngest, Lucy, finds a mythological world called Narnia in the back of a clothes wardrobe during a game of hide and seek. Soon all four are in Narnia.

The White Witch has everyone in Narnia terrorized. There is a Narnian prophesy relating to the four children that predicts that the White Witch's regime will end.

This movie also tells us about the current time. The Narnian prophesy is also about OUR world.

There are two boys, Peter and Edmund, and two girls, Susan and Lucy. Separated from the others, the younger of the boys, Edmund, meets the White Witch and is flipped over to her side. The other three children seek out Aslan, the one that is prophesied to defeat the White Witch and ask for his help. The White Witch pursues them but suffers a defeat. The children find the Lion, Aslan, and he tells them he will help. The boy, Edmund joins his brothers and sisters and Aslan.

Because all traitors in Narnia belong to the White Witch, she meets with Aslan and claims the child. The lion makes a deal with the witch; he secretly agrees to be sacrificed by the White Witch in exchange for the boy's freedom. The boy is freed. Later, Aslan secretly goes to the witch and his own sacrifice.

The people causing the trouble in Narnia are the same ones causing the trouble in OUR modern world. The weakness and fear we feel in OUR lives is described and explained by the Narnia movie.

At this point, I need to stop and describe the good and bad guys in both our world and Narnia. I'll then finish describing the main parts of the story and the symbols behind them.

Christians are good people. They have things called "lives." This is something many don't know about. Christians go to work and fight in the wars and come back and do things like raise families. They follow the teachings of Christ; feed the hungry, heal the sick and lead productive lives. Many (if not most) Christians believe that if everyone were a Christian, the world's problems would be solved. To be sure, if everyone would feed the hungry, heal the sick and lead a productive life, the world's problems WOULD be solved.

The bad guys in our world and Narnia are those that are trying to use an ideology of the past for the future. This is specifically described in Jewish literature as "The Homunculus of Maimonides." The problem is so wound up in ALL our religions, I am trying to describe the problem OUTSIDE of all of them. Instead, I am using the ancient platform of the bards.

In the Bardic Astronomy website under the menu choice "Saturn" I described the NAZI Cabala. The NAZI Cabala is the "bible" of the Saturnist religion. It is a very old form of "picture-knowledge." Saturn is known as the "father of the gods." Saturn's Greek name is "Chronos" or the god of time. By pouring the ten decanates Lepus through the Ring into the diagram of the Cabala one gets something that describes a religious system that goes back many thousands of years before the written word. This religion is based on breaking a person down through trauma and then putting them back together in a new way. I am not writing about "spare the rod, spoil the child;" I am describing something very evil and extreme. It "fixes" the person at one stage in life, near the boundary between childhood and adulthood. The way the religion was traditionally passed on is through fixing children in various ways with shock trauma combined with a period for the child to integrate the experience into their belief system. A little Saturnist, or homunculus, is put into the child through the trauma and then grows to an adult as the child integrates the experience into his or her belief system. One could call the time and place of the trauma event, usually sealed off from the rest of the world, the "athenor." The athenor was often in a secluded spot in a basement or cave and took place on or around Christ-mass or Saturnalia. The homunculus in terms of the major religions is demonic because it grows into an adult with values that oppose spiritual ones. The resulting adult internally operates from a platform of fear and meanness in a material paradigm rather than from a platform of strength and compassion in a spiritual paradigm. NAZIs are known for blindly following orders and this is another trait added to the homunculus. The process is often conceived like chemistry. It is a secret alchemy. The NAZI Saturnists are not making clones of the Christ-child on Christmas, they are creating his OPPOSITE, an order-following scared and mean adult! The child witnesses another child getting sacrificed and is told if they follow orders, they will have a wonderful life. If they do not wish to follow orders they are told they will join their friend. They are often told to do something mean or terrible to test them and lock them into the group. The child then forms his or her values around following orders and fear. They are then given scholarships and mentors at the best colleges if they continue to follow orders. This is why most of our politicians betray us at the last minute, they have been compromised as children and cannot overcome their childhood fear!

The fear and meanness we currently feel in the world is literally leaking out of the child sacrifice rituals of those who are foreclosing on our property and pension funds.

Saturnist parents can appear to be Christians or members of other religions. They lead normal looking lives except that when their children are about 8 years old, on a few days of the year, often around Saturnalia, they traumatize their children like they were traumatized themselves. The events are so abhorent to the children they try and put them out of their minds for the rest of their lives. They later often join the same church their parents were attending when the horrific events occurred. They often traumatize their children in the same way they were traumatized because it made them prosper and is "normal" to them. Because of this, we have followers of a bad god hiding among the followers of the good one.

The fear and meanness makes the Saturnist adults demonic. The rigid order-following makes them centrally controlled, like the NAZIs were centrally controlled by Hitler. This adds up to a large centrally controlled demonic force exactly like the NAZIs during WWII. The Hindu name for this demonic force is "Maheshasura" which simply means "Big Demon."

A symbol for this demon is the Buffalo-Man or the Minotaur. This demonic force exists in both our world and Narnia. The Minotaur symbol comes from Taurus+Aquarius. It symbolizes the adolescence of the civilization, the three ages of Taurus, Aries and Pisces. In mythology, Minotaurs eat children. The Saturnists kill other people's children in their sacrifices and destroy their own children by tampering with their orientations. The Minotaur-people or the Saturnists have been able to dominate the rest of us for thousands of years because they have no problems caused by kindness, generosity and charity. Compassion to them is a "useless emotion" that has been removed in their childhoods!

The "bad people" in the Narnia movie are associated with the Minotaur or Maheshasura. Above is a picture of the White Witch preparing the sacrifice of the Lion and having a Minotaur aid her in the process.

In Narnia, "Peter" is the "good guy." The name "Peter" means "stone" so C.S. Lewis (the author), for some reason, appears to be confusing spirit with its opposer, stone. The word "stone" is anciently related to "Satan" and "Saturn" because of their common opposition to spirit. In Narnia, Aslan the lion, is sacrificed on the "Stone Table." Stones like this, like the "Coronation Stone" in England, are the traditional places that oppose spirit. Jacob was supposed to have had his dream of Jacob's Ladder, a ladder going from earth to heaven, while sleeping with his head on the British coronation stone.

The bad person in the movie is a female, the White Queen. Satanists do this also, their "good" god, Satan, is a male and their bad one is a female. In reality, most mayhem throughout history has been performed by males. Women were often the receivers of the mayhem. C.S. Lewis has the genders of the usual good and bad suspects inverted. To the extent that his view prefers masculine power over feminine compassion, it is not greatly different from Satanism.
The White Witch here is a version of Lillith, played by the enchanting Tilda Swinton. Lillith is a sort of "ideal female" for the Minotaurs. One could think of her as "Satan's wife." Notice her revealing dress and that she has the little boy, Edmund, wrapped in her fur and is gazing at his mouth. Lillith takes little boys to her cave and changes them forever. Lillith's cave is the constellation Auriga and is the athenor described above. In the sky, Lillith is the trickster constellation Lepus. Lillith traumatizes little boys and turns them into "little men." She breaks them down and then puts them back together with their compassion removed and adds a big dose of fear in the process. After this short time with the White Witch, Peter's brother, Edmund decides to betray Peter and side with the Minotaurs.
Now for the female "good guy." The ancient symbol of power and compassion was the sphinx. It had the power of a lion and the compassion of a young girl combined into one symbol.
In Hinduism this is symbolized as Durga. Durga is usually portrayed as a woman or girl sitting on a lion. Durga, or the Sphinx, defeats the Buffalo-man or Minotaur. Below is the same motif from the Narnia movie.
The two young girls here symbolize compassion and the lion symbolizes power. One girl has a quiver of arrows, they are the same ones that Odysseus used to cast out the usurpers and also the arrow used by Paris to destroy Achilles. This compound, compassion AND power is actually what resurrects in the current time, at the end of the age of Pisces.
There was a "Burning Man" ritual performed by the Saturnists at the end of the age of Pisces, it was called "9-11." In Narnia, the same two pillars is where the lion was bound and "sacrificed." The two pillars are described in the Bardic Astronomy simulations.

Two pillars alone do not give us sufficient information to know which tree is represented. They could symbolize either the Tree of Life or the Tree of Good and Evil. When the White Witch, is standing between two pillars, we might identify the two pillars as being at the bottom end of the Saturnistic tree, at Malkuth. The Sphinx is a major symbol that only resurrects at Pisces/Aquarius; so in Narnia, the above pillars must be the World Tree. Lewis is a master of the symbols. His placing of a Lillith character at Pisces/Aquarius is exquisite. He seems to be leading us to both trees!
Above, the White Witch bound the Lion for the sacrifice. The last decanate of Pisces is the Ring which binds Andromeda. The single eye of the cyclops is also associated with this area because the late adolescent civilization or human cannot yet see with its heart. Mind alone is in control at Pisces/Aquarius. These added symbols confirm the World Tree idea.

The opposite of Saturn is the Sun, or Sol or Soul. When the Sphinx returns, or Narnia's lion resurrects, it is the return of Soul or Sol to the world.
There's supposed to be a symbol of compassion there! What have we got? We've got power only!
Well, at least there are two girls close-by. It must have been the resurrection of girl-power. They now get some reinforcements and go to rescue their brothers who have been battling the Minotaur-people. In Joseph Campbell's monomyth the resurrection of the lion is at the peak of adventure.
While the girls and the lion have been gone, Edmund broke the sword of the White Witch but got a bad injury doing it. The magic sword of the White Witch in other stories is also known as Excalibur, the Spear of Destiny and Poseidon's Trident. Edmund is breaking the witch's Saturnistic power over him and his friends. What is happening above is the second tree is getting destroyed. It's magic power ends after people understand the boots-on-the-ground technology that has been used to oppress and tyranize them. People in our world currently have only the vaguest notions of why mail room clerks never become CEOs and why privates never become colonels and why the world is so mean and afraid.
The girls and the lion arrive with reinforcements and kill the White Witch.
In Joseph Campbell's monomyth, after the resurrection of the Sphinx, we are approaching the "Return from Adventure" boundary. In the sky we are at Sagittarius, the archer. Susan shoots the last arrow in the battle, she kills the dwarf who was about to kill her brother Edmund.

The rest of the story is dividing up the boons (Libra) and returning home.
The four siblings become kings and queens of Narnia. In the sky, this is the constellation Corona Borealis. They rule Narnia for many years and then one day find the entrance to the clothes wardrobe again. They return to the country home and are the same ages as when they first left it. All are happy and the story ends well.

Comment #1 The Lion as a "Willing Sacrifice"

Many people make a similarity between Aslan (Narnia's Lion)and Jesus. They were both willingly sacrificed. A willing sacrifice occurs in many other places besides Christianity.

Some people see their children as little gods. If a bank robber starts shooting up a bank and the parent is there with their child, the parent might position their self in front of the child. In this way, the parent may willingly sacrifice his or her own life so the child may live.

There are people that do this for strangers. The firemen of 9-11, for example, ran into the burning buildings and many died saving others.

Narnia's lion, Aslan, was portrayed as being like one of these people. This made Aslan's resurrection a return of compassion and care and not only power.

Before the Saturnists took over our world, everyone was thought to be like this. This willing sacrifice for another person was thought to be in our material make-up. The word "matter" comes from "mother." People were even believed to inherit this trait from their mother, the earth. There is a very old story of Jesus, "Jesus, son of the Panther" that portrays Jesus as a spirit that died and became our world. In this cosmology also, we inherit the tendency to sacrifice ourselves for others from the earth, the carcass of Jesus. Eating the wafer and drinking the wine may have come from considering all the world the body of spirit.

The Saturnist rituals brought the opposite of this into existence. The Saturnist interpretation of eating the wafer and drinking the wine is that we are eating the defeated "good" god's flesh and blood. The Saturnists taught our ancestors that all people inherited an evil nature. This objectified people and made Saturnist killing and conquest possible. Much of the Saturnist's early work involved moving the sacred off the earth in various ways. This is why Saturn is often called the "Father of the Gods" and why the Saturnists can hide so easily in our religions.

Comment #2 Santa handing out Weapons as Gifts
When I first saw Santa hand out weapons and talk about battle in Narnia, I thought it was strange. He did this because he's like Krishna, another charioteer, that explained battle to Arjuna in the Mahabharta. Tracy Twyman suggested to me a few months ago that Santa was a charioteer. C.S. Lewis here confirms it. Santa's sleigh is the charioteer constellation Auriga which begins the second quarter of the sky. In Narnia, Santa marks the beginning of the second quarter of the story. The charioteer in Narnia and the Mahabharta is at Joseph Campbell's first boundary to adventure. In Narnia, he hands out the arrows that mark the return boundary later.
Comment #3 Saturnistic Symbols of Winter

For thousands of years, our culture has been formed by the Saturnists. Each of the two trees, The Tree of Life and the Tree of Good and Evil, has a hot and cold end. The hot end is considered material and the cold end is considered spiritual on both trees. Long ago, before the current Saturnist regime, the Sphinx (Virgo/Leo) was probably a symbol of the cold night and the Dagon (Pisces/Aquarius) was probably a symbol of the hot day. Over the years, the symbols of our winter solstice, have been changed to those of the Lepus/Auriga end of the Saturnistic tree.
The White Witch that I have earlier associated with Lepus or Lillith is at this "cold" end of the Saturnist tree. This is why in Narnia she has an ice-castle and wears an ice-crown. Above she is holding the Spear of Destiny (diagrammed below), a symbol of the same Tree of Good and Evil. The seated individual below can be thought of (in this case) as the Fisher King with a wound from the Spear of Destiny in his groin (for example from the Wagner and Eschenbach versions of Parzival)
Another example of the White Witch was in the movie Snow Queen. In that movie she tampers with another little boy who gets a speck in his eye.
The speck in his eye prevents him from seeing with both his heart and mind; after his encounter with her he can only see with his mind. We could make a story about children taken to the cold lands of Thule and Ultima Thule where a Snow Witch reigns. The children return, heartless, to rule our world.

Comment #4 The Tree of Good and Evil

Let us search Narnia for the Tree of Good and Evil together. C.S. Lewis is a master at symbols, perhaps we can find the second tree in Narnia. First, let us get a diagram from my description of the Saturnistic tree at under the "Saturn" menu choice.

The handle on the scythe is the Tree of Life and the blade is the Tree of Good and Evil. The nodes of the NAZI Cabala begin with Lepus, the last decanate of Gemini (close to the Milky Way) and include the decanates of Taurus, Aries and Pisces.
In Narnia, the Lion was sacrificed and resurrected at the bottom of the above diagram. This occurred beween Pisces and Aquarius. It was the bottom of the Tree of Life. It was halfway through the adventure.

The top of the Tree of Good and Evil is at the bottom of the Tree of Life. This is at the same place, between Pisces and Aquarius. The bottom of the Tree of Good and Evil however is at Lepus, the last decanate of Gemini, on the left side, just above the Milky Way.

If the second tree, the Tree of Good and Evil is presented in Narnia, we should find some sort of death and resurrection in the story somewhere close to the first adventure boundary, when Santa (the constellation Auriga) handed out the weapons.
Earlier, I said the White Witch was the constellation Lepus. Eight minutes after Santa hands out the weapons, the White Witch metaphorically "baptises" Edmund in the river Styx (Eridanus), a river of hate and loathing. Do you see the hate and loathing on Edmund's face below? The nearby constellation Orion is Edmund getting "baptised" this way (like Achilles). Its a movie for kids, so a child sacrifice was not used, instead, the White Witch (above) killed Edmund's friend, the coyote, and forced Edmund to look at the dead animal (below).
This is the kid show version of the rather occult "VITRIOL," an alchemical journey (through the cave) to the center of the earth, to the sacrifice at the bottom. There's a sacrifice going on at the end of Eridanus, at Cepheus, Andromeda and the Ring. The White Witch in the picture above even seems to be standing in front of a tree. She is Lillith taking a little boy a short distance into her cave. The White Witch told the boy "Think about who's side you are on Edmund, mine or theirs!" A child in this situation starts growing up immediately--this is the homunculus (little man) going in. The place and time of the event I believe is called the athenor. It could be in a cave around Saturnalia. Soon after the event, the child integrates the experience into his or her belief system and has been "fixed." When the childhood is destroyed in this way the adult is forever trying to recover it and is fixed just outside of adolescence at Pisces/Aquarius. Michael Jackson must have had some event like this occur in his childhood.

Earlier, I said the process was conceived like chemistry. Lets try to write the cookbook formula for the White Witch's alchemy:

1. Take 1 Athenor

2. Add Edmund

3. Add water from River Styx

4. Mix

5. State "Think about who's side you are on Edmund, mine or theirs!"

6. Drain the Styx water from the Athenor

7. Let Dry

I believe the difference between this and more sophisticated methods is that in the sophisticated methods they break down the elements of both the Styx water and the elements of the child's psychological make-up. They give a particular Styx element a name something like "metallic sulfur" ("metallic sulfur" would be a secret word for some bond breaking trauma) and then they combine this with some trait of the broken down child.

1. Take 1 Athenor

2. Add Edmund

3. Add Styx water

4. Add Metallic Sulfur to Edmund's generosity

4. Add Metallic Sulfur to Edmund's compassion

5. Cook for 40 minutes

6. State "Think about who's side you are on Edmund, mine or theirs!"

7. Drain the Styx water from the Athenor

8. Let Dry

This would remove the child's generosity and compassion, and make him (or her) a "team player" in the White Witch's heirarchy. Do this with an entire population and in a few years you have world dominance, NAZI scientists and people landing on the moon.

Let's study what happened a little. The child begins life at the top, at Virgo/Leo and through an alchemical process between Lepus and Auriga (Milky Way) has been prematurely fixed at the bottom, at Pisces/Aquarius. Below is the diagram again.
To study the alchemy, let me present the elemental correspondences of "sevens" commonly given to the days, the planets, the elements and the chakras.
The child begins life at the top, at Virgo/Leo or Gold, and through the alchemical process at Mercury has been prematurely fixed at Pisces/Aquarius or lead! We have changed the child from gold to lead. This the goal of alchemy! Wait, I've got it backwards. The goal of alchemy is changing lead to gold. I changed the child from gold to lead. But, where did the gold go? The gold is in the athenor, in Lillith's Cave! The White Witch has gained a slave which can work for the gold! The gold is the new binding of the child to the White Witch (lead) rather than to Compassion (gold). This is why the Fisher King has children serving him and why Santa has dwarves serving him. This is why our world is run by adolescents, our civilization has been traumatized and enslaved the same way! (The JFK assassination and 9-11 were the Saturnist's versions of the White Queen killing Edmund's friend the fox!) This is how the great accumulations of wealth have been achieved. In mythology, these accumulations are described by legends of a hoard of gold in various caves, notably in Wagner's Ring of the Nibelung which is based on old German mythology. In the first quarter of that story, Albrecht forswears love for gold. He is a Nibelung, which means "wind-bag." This wind-bag in Wagner's opera is Santa's bag in the Narnia movie and the bag of wind that blows Odysseus off course in the first quarter of the Odyssey.

Notice how most of the above discussion is rather unrelated to Christianity, Judaism and the other religions. This is because Saturnism is further back on the ancestral tree of religions. It is the religion of Chronos or time. When one switches to the picture-language of the constellations, one easily jumps past 3,000 BC into the earlier times of the Saturnists. The "el" in "elite" is an old name for Saturn. Our civilization was traumatized by the Saturnists around 4,000 BC and is still currently bound to these elites. The great antiquity of Saturnism is also why they can function invisibly within our religions. The "athenor" events for a child are only a few days of the year, usually on Saturnalia (Christmas) and a couple other holidays, going on for a few years around the time when the child is about 7 or 8 years old.

This is an old science that can be applied to other things. It is based on phase knowledge and bindings. It is similarly being applied to our country.

By sending the jobs overseas, the elites made a "soup" of unemployed people here. They broke the bindings of these people to their jobs. (When the boy Edmund was traumatized, his binding of loyalty to his siblings similarly broke.) What happens after people's jobs are removed, is that the bindings of people to their legal protection, health care, their pension funds and their property are all broken. The "soup" in this case is the group of unemployed people floating around in the athenor that are losing everything. Their health care and their posessions and their protections are all separated from them through an alchemical process. The people are then washed out of the mix and what remains is their treasure. It remains in the athenor, Lillith's Cave! Look at all the property that has been foreclosed on and all the pension funds that have been destroyed. This is another example of the secret alchemy. The NWO's version of Edmund is the wage slave that always works for daddy Saturn.

How does Saturn "stop" Mercury? Saturn stops Mercury by fixing the child in time at Pisces/Aquarius. The child never grows up because the bindings of a normal childhood are the contrived bindings of another person. Sometimes rape or sodomy is used for the trauma. (See the Kay Griggs Interviews from 1:44:29 to about 1:54:29.) In these cases, for example, the child never has a normal sexuality. This original binding cannot be changed; Mercury has been stopped.

This is how the "leaders" that run our wars, banks and corporations are made. They are the fish-men of Pisces/Aquarius or Saturn or "lead" known for the matrix and learning; they get access to the best "schools." They become "leading" doctors and lawyers and media types that are always a little smarter than everyone else when it comes to selfishness, greed and the objectification of people. Hollywood is a mind-control center for programming. Leaders change their own "lead" into real-life gold--meanwhile, a small percentage of the gold always trickles up to the top. At the top is the Fisher-King; who in the present age cannot sit, stand or lie because he is wounded by the tip (the child-sacrifice triangle) of the Spear of Destiny. He is never comfortable because his entire fortune is based on the destruction of childhood dreams. The servants in his castle are children whose dreams of love and compassion he has stolen. (See The City of Lost Children.)

Comment #5 The Good Guys

Narnia ended with all four siblings in charge. I have come across the four before. They were the suits in Alice in Wonderland. I believe the ancients grouped people into four types according to the quarters of the sky.
I don't know if I have the correspondences the way C.S. Lewis would have arranged them, but I think this may be the general idea. The White Witch ruled the quadrant of Taurus to Aquarius, symbolized by the Minotaur. I put Edmund in this sector because he temporarily sided with her. The coming three ages, those of Aquarius, Capricorn and Sagittarius will be symbolized by the Angel, a combination of the Eagle and Man. I put Peter there because he was the other male. After this, the feminine correspondences take over the Great Year for six ages. The symbol of the first three, those of Scorpio, Libra and Virgo is symbolized by the Griffin, a combination of the Lion and the Eagle. I put Lucy there because I think she was the main symbol of spirit in the Narnia story. I put Susan in the last quarter of the Great Year described possibly by a symbol of the Lion plus the Bull.

This is mainly speculation. It seems to say that after Maheshasura is defeated, everybody is going to be in charge. It is much like a human growing up (at Pisces/Aquarius). After the bullies rule adolescence there comes a much more reasonable and caring time, early adulthood. The early adult may have some problems but generally cares about all others in contrast to those adolescents currently trying to enslave us.

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Sequencing Story Fragments

The above picture, the frontispiece of Giambattista Vico’s New Science, comes from a time and place of an oral tradition. Persons would discuss picture elements and talk about the meanings of the various symbols. By learning the symbols and their meanings in this way, writing was not needed. Secret wisdom has been passed on like this for a very, very, long time.

As you may know, my “Bardic Astronomy” thesis is that Joseph Campbell’s monomyth fits the sky as described in the web site simulations. The monomyth is a cycle of ordered motifs related to the decanates. Some stories fit the monomyth. Sometimes we have only fragments of stories that can be better understood by fitting the fragment into the monomyth and using other monomyth story parts for the rest of the story. I call this “sequencing” a fragment. Sequencing fragments can be a gold mine when it comes to getting a better understanding of old stories.


Let us take an easy story fragment, the Capricorn story, and “sequence” it. Pan was sitting on the beach when Zeus came running by being pursued by the Typhon, a terrible beast. Pan, as you know, was a goat. He decided to dive into the water and become a fish to escape the Typhon. Pan was in such a hurry he jumped into the water while he was still changing forms. When he entered the water, he was only halfway changed to a fish, and the name Capricorn or “goat fish” describes this episode. After the Typhon left, Pan resurfaced and changed back into his old form. He found Zeus ripped to pieces. Pan put Zeus back together and Zeus went on to defeat the Typhon.


It is easy to locate Capricorn in the monomyth because it names a zodiacal constellation. In the human cycle we locate Capricorn in the middle of early adulthood. This then is a story of early adulthood. What is happening at this time? Among other things, one thinks about one’s false beliefs and attempts to purge them out.

As an example, in my early adult life, I used to confuse the word “stagnant” with the word “polluted.” When I was growing up, those around me used both words to describe a foul and local pond. Much later, they still meant the same to me. I thought something stagnant had to be polluted. One day in early adulthood I took the time to look both words up in a dictionary. Through contemplation and a little book study, I removed some confusion picked up at an earlier time.

If a person in early adulthood is sitting on the shore, observing life like Pan, perhaps thinking of god, he or she will realize that god has a problem. God is usually a belief taken on in late childhood, when we never heard about the bad things done in his name. God has baggage. There have been so many wars and killings in the name of god that one begins to question in early adulthood whether or not it’s a good idea to even believe in god. There are really two problems. The person thinking about god has a problem with being associated with the god and the baggage, and the god has a problem with the baggage chasing him around. This is the situation of Pan! Pan flees both Zeus and the Typhon for the time being; he then returns to put his friend, the god, back together. Zeus actually gets repaired at Capricorn. Zeus--god--then goes on to overcome the wars and the killings and the Typhon.

Consider a nearby decanate of the Capricorn constellation, the Eagle. The Eagle can fly and has good eyes. The Eagle flies back to childhood. The Eagle is the young adult searching out childhood sources of confusion. Let us look to where the eagle flies in the constellations.


The decanate constellation Cetus (the sea monster) is directly across from the eagle. Cetus is a Titan of adolescence. It may have been the crazy uncle that sodomized you after a Christmas party when you were 10 years old or some other force or person during adolescence. The Eagle is a symbol of the early adult going back to late childhood or adolescence and studying what happened. Dante’s third work, called the “Pergatorio,” names this third (the Eagle’s) quarter in life. It is a time of purgatory. James Joyce’s third work is similarly about this time. This is why it (Finnegan’s Wake) ends with the same sentence with which it begins. One stays in purgatory until one purges the confusion. In The Odyssey, the third quarter is the part after Odysseus returns from Troy until the final purge of the usurpers. The final Odysseus vs. usurper battle begins with him shooting an arrow--Sagittarius.

Let’s look at Sagittarius, the next zodiacal constellation after Capricorn.


At the end of early adulthood, you move on to late adulthood only after you purge ALL possible BULLSHIT (Taurus) from your adolescence. This final purging is in the sky symbolized by the archer, Sagittarius, shooting his arrow across the circle (following the path of the Milky Way) to the area of Taurus. Another example of this from mythology is Paris shooting Achilles (Orion--a decanate of Taurus) in the heel. This may be one finally getting past the crazy uncle episode or whatever. Whatever the event, it HAS some sort of ACHILLES HEEL. Achilles was dipped into the river Styx by his mother Thetis. Achilles was “baptized.“ This baptism gave Achilles both his strength and his weakness. To some cultures, the zodiacal constellation after Sagittarius--what we call the Scorpion--was an Eagle. The Scorpion similarly moves into the past and purges confusion. The Scorpion also had problems with Orion on the other side. The stinger of the Scorpion is around and above its head and it appears to be able to sting itself in some way.

I believe Mercury’s wings and his ability to fly comes from the Eagle being at the Sagittarius/Scorpio boundary as found in the cherub symbol. The path of the eagle and the arrow to the other side is the Milky Way, the boundary between material and spirit. This boundary is associated with Mercury or Hermes. Symbols of Mercury are the wings on his feet and helmet and the caduceus. Mercury and his caduceus are symbols describing the change at the Milky Way boundary when applied to the individual, the civilization and the Cosmos. The age of the civilization is marked by the spring equinox; it is currently changing to an adult at Pisces/Aquarius. Mercury and his caduceus at the Milky Way boundary means that the civilization will finally purge the effect of ITS crazy uncle in 6,000 years. It also means that the cosmos will overcome its materialistic science in the more distant future.


Above is sort of a Rosetta Stone for the Hindu chakras and planetary correspondences of this old spiritual system described by world mythology. It connects the sky system (the outer circle) with the old path toward spirituality described by the Hindus as climbing the chakras (the spinal ladder of the chakras in the middle). Stories from different parts of the old world cultures describe the steps. The picture above can map the adult beginning at the bottom chakra, at Pisces/Aquarius, then (in the sky system) performing the purging up and around on the right to the Milky Way which is the “heart boundary” in the chakras and then after realizing all is spirit, crossing this boundary and going further up and around to the left until one learns Compassion at Virgo/Leo at the top. The left side of the circle is the child descending from heaven and becoming a young adult at the bottom at the root chakra. The map anciently applied to the individual, the civilization, and the cosmos.

The old stories were a great body of wisdom taking thousands of years to construct. Our civilization has trivialized these stories and has reduced them to a simplistic one god vs. another battle because it served cruel rulers to do so. The civilization broke the underlying structure of our precious mythology around three zodiacal ages ago. (This was the mythology's crazy uncle!) It became an adolescent. I think James Joyce uses 4,004 BC for the date. The goal of this old mythology was to impart COMPASSION at Virgo/Leo and as the goal of life. This is what Parzival learns at the end of his story. He learns that all the people he has been fighting are his relatives. The last knight he fought in the story was his brother. The first was an uncle. Compassion was not useful to the war-like “civilization” that began three zodiacal ages ago.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Wicker Man (2)

I recently viewed the older (1973) version of The Wicker Man--the one with Christopher Lee. It is about a fictional betrayal that takes place on an island called Summerisle in Scotland on May Day. The movie’s burning man ritual did not follow the decanates so closely as in the newer version with Nicholas Cage, but the movie is full of other “Bardic Astronomy” type ideas. The island’s culture is far from ours. We need to first consider our calendar and the origin of it to understand the dates and motifs in the movie.

March Hare and April Fool

Some old cultures began their year on the winter solstice, others on the spring equinox, still others started on lunar events. It appears we at one time began our year on the winter solstice. Because we have not corrected the calendar for a while, the year now starts about 10 days after this astronomical event.

If the year began ON the winter solstice, the spring equinox would always be a quarter of a year later. I believe the ancient bards were using a 360 day year. At the end of the year there would be a five day period when they would wait for the solstice. When the solstice was detected (perhaps by measuring a shadow) they would start the new year.

They had 36 ten-day weeks. Each week was assigned a decanate constellation beginning with “the Raven” and ending with their equivalent of “Coma Berenices.” This would always put the spring equinox between the hare decanate week and the cave decanate week.

There is a bardic “Underground Journey of Ishtar” story. The constellation Auriga was interpreted by some as a cave--it is the cave that Odysseus enters when he encounters the Cyclops and the cave Siegfried enters to kill the dragon Fafnir. Auriga was also the cave that Ishtar entered. Today rabbits are associated with Easter or “Ishtar.” A hare is not a rabbit. The hare constellation Lepus however could also be a rabbit, so I’ll treat them as one and the same. Easter at Lepus/Auriga would be Ishtar entering the cave on the spring equinox to go underground and visit her sister. The decanate on one side of the boundary is the hare, hence rabbits and rabbit holes for hiding Easter or “Ishtar” eggs. The decanate on the other side is Auriga--Ishtar’s cave. Ishtar would at the spring equinox begin her underworld journey. Three months later, at the summer solstice she would die and resurrect. She returns six months after she left on the fall equinox. This way, spirit would leave the world during the hot summer and return for the cold winter. The winter was associated with the cold and the feminine.

Today, the month before this boundary between the 90th and 91st day is March and the month after is April. The hare decanate can then be called the “March Hare.” What if the March Hare tricked Ishtar into leaving for the summer? Ishtar would leave and the Hare could take over while she’s gone. Ishtar would have been fooled into going on her journey by the hare.

Let’s go a little further and create a hypothetical religion of the March Hare. He’s a wise trickster who tricks spirit into leaving on the spring equinox and takes over while she’s gone. We could celebrate Easter as the date that Ishtar was tricked down the “rabbit hole” of Auriga. We could have secret pictures like the one below with a hare in the shadow and rarely tell anyone about our crafty and secret March Hare religion:

We could also place our March Hare in children’s books like Alice in Wonderland, a story of a young girl’s journey into the underworld. In movies, Star Trek's intelligent "Spock" and Star Wars' wise "Yoda" would have long, pointed, hare's ears.

Ishtar would thus be fooled by the hare (in the hare's version of the story). The day after this 90th and 91st day boundary is April 1. The April fool originally may have been some mythological character who was tricked in this way down the rabbit hole of Auriga.

May Day

In the USA, May Day became a minor holiday around the second war. Below is a picture taken in 1912. Notice how many maypoles there are and the fireworks.

That maypole is the phallus. The strings are the semen shooting out of it. Semen is where we get the word “seminary” A seminary is a school for the training of priests, ministers, or rabbis. May Day is a phallic holiday.


On the spring equinox, the year has always changed from one group of correspondences to the other. The year changes from cold to hot, from bird to snake, from yoni to lingam, from female to male, and from heart to mind all at the spring equinox. There was a religion of being a cunning and crafty mind oriented person. The Wicker Man movie is about that religion. It is my March Hare religion that has an April fool victim.

                                                      Snake          Bird
                                                      Lingam        Yoni
                                                      Male            Female
                                                      Mind            Heart
                                                      Hot              Cold
Much of my analysis uses the above correspondences--some symbols of this religion are the snake, the phallus, the male and the mind.

In this movie the world is viewed as the carcass of some great "Being" that died long ago. Somehow it either died on its own or was killed. It is the original death of a spirit that brought the world into existence. It is the death or killing of Osiris, of Ishtar, of Jesus and others. The movie is about this old cosmology. In the Wicker Man movie, Sgt. Howie is a Christian. He likely celebrates Easter. He even might have gone to seminary before becoming a police officer. He is essentially one of the heathens on the island but does not know it. When he sees the Wicker man in the distance, he says “Oh God! Oh MY God!” as if it is HIS god.

Sgt. Howie

May Day is later than April Fool’s day. The motifs in The Wicker Man are just like the earlier described spring equinox betrayal with emphasis on the March Hare and a cave but instead the event occurs on May Day. I believe May Day is a reference to the most famous of the “March hare/April fool” betrayals. This betrayal occurred on the spring equinox the Great Year switched ITS correspondences. There are evidently people (in my hypothetical March Hare religion) that think there was a similar but greater and civilization-wide betrayal three zodiacal ages ago when the spring equinox crossed the Gemini/Taurus boundary. They believe the GREAT YEAR switched correspondences when the Sun during the spring equinox went from Gemini to Taurus (and the decanates went from the Hare to Auriga). Instead of one person betraying another, betrayal occurred on a civilization wide basis. One group of people had the idea they could rule the others by using their minds and betraying their hearts. This is the last apocalypse.

The March 21st Spring Equinox

If we started the year like normal ancients, the equinox would always be at the 90th/91st day boundary of March 31/April 1. Our calendar is off a bit. SkyGlobe software for simulating the sky uses this calendar. If you look the spring equinox up in a book like The Farmer‘s Almanac, our spring equinox will be on March 21st. We can simulate the equinox on this calendar date pretty easily using SkyGlobe software.

A Trip to the North Pole

In the northern hemisphere, it gets warm in the summer and cold in the winter. The North Pole is no different. A difference between the continental US and the North Pole is that during the winter on the North Pole, you can’t even see the sun. During the summer you see the sun all the time. In the winter the sun is below the horizon. It is dark for six months and then it is light for six months. The day is six months long and the night is six months long. Noon during the six month daytime happens on the summer solstice when the sun is highest in the sky. Sunset occurs 3 months later at the fall equinox. North Pole midnight occurs when the sun we can still see in the continental US is at its lowest point in the sky. North Pole sunrise occurs on the spring equinox. With SkyGlobe software, we can go to the North Pole a little before March 21st and watch the sun rise by pressing the “d“ button and moving the day forward until the sun rises.

Wasn’t that exciting? The sun rose on March 21st. The calendar is off about 10 days from March 31st.

The exciting thing to me is that SkyGlobe software allows us to go many thousands of years into the past or future and in this way find that year’s spring equinox according to our calendar. It is an old DOS program and I run it on a VISTA machine with a DOS emulator called DOSBox.

In our culture it has been a secret when the sun went into the new age. I believe it happened in the year of 9-11. Let’s use 2001 for the year the sun went from Pisces to Aquarius. (I found this approximate year by exploring the distant past with the software.) Let us subtract 2,160 years for each age and get the year of a famous March Hare/April fool betrayal long in the past.

(2001-(3*2160))=4,479 BC

Let’s go back to 4,479 BC and look at the sunrise on the North Pole. I am simulating the sky three zodiacal ages before 2001. We are going back 6,489 years from 2010.
Here is that sunrise:

The sunrise on the North Pole happened on May 1st! Isn’t that a coincidence! There are a lot of variables in this, but what we are left with is the software simulating the spring equinox 3 ages ago apparently on May Day. See the Milky Way there--it is the boundary between the two sets of correspondences. The sun during the spring equinox then went through Taurus then Aries then Pisces. I believe it finished Pisces in 2001 and is now early in Aquarius. Because of “precession,” the date slowly crept back to March 21st. Of course, different calendars would be in use between then and now.

The Wicker Man movie is suggesting this connection. This is WHY it has March Hare and April Fool motifs in a May Day celebration.

To our March Hare religion, the most famous spring equinox or “Easter entering the cave day” would be the one that occurred on May Day. May Day appears to be the brainy people’s date for the spring equinox three ages before 2001 when the Great Year changed correspondences from heart to mind, female to male, cold to hot, bird to snake. THAT May Day sent the whole world civilization down the rabbit hole. I didn’t write the software. I think it uses JPL’s data. (The JPL that was begun by the brainy person named Jack Parsons.) Curiously, Alice in Wonderland begins on Alice's birthday, May 4.

Let us continue the “Bardic Astronomy” analysis of the Wicker Man movie. I’ll have to retell parts of the story.

The movie takes place at Summerisle, an island in Scotland.

(Summerisle is a Pisces/Aquarius island. In Bardic Astronomy terms this refers to three things, a human life, the civilization and the cosmos. In a human life, it is the boundary between adolescence and early adulthood. This is why all the people at Summerisle seem to be preoccupied with sex. They have been “kept” somehow at the adolescent/adult boundary. In a civilization, this time is when it is half way through its 25,920 year cycle, at the boundary between Pisces and Aquarius. That is the current time in OUR civilization. Our civilization has not yet become an adult. Our adolescent civilization is running amok. It is difficult to tell where the cosmos is in the cycle. It appears to be somewhere after Pisces/Aquarius because an adult cosmos has resurrected--we are the resurrection. Summerisle and Pisces/Aquarius both exist at the bottom of the world tree. Many places we know are conceptually like this, one might have a village around a totem pole. Our tree is the cross. Churches often have a cross on the top of their steeple. Gathering at a church is like gathering at the bottom of a tree. In Europe you can ride a train and pass countless villages all with their churches at the top of the local hill.)

Each year on the (Pisces/Aquarius) island called Summerisle there is a May Day festival and rite that is thought to influence the next year‘s crops.

(That earlier picture of May Day in the United States shows the festival RECENTLY in OUR culture. I believe the May Day festival has been recently de-emphasized in our culture to hide the phallic correspondence of our religions. Similarly, Easter has been moved away from the March 31/April 1 boundary to different dates to keep us confused and away from connecting it to planetary astronomy and the Great Year.)

Sgt. Howie
Sgt. Howie (Edward Woodward) from the West Highland Police arrives on the island of Sumerisle to investigate the disappearance of a young girl named Rowen Morrison. She was thought to be a local woman’s daughter.

Sgt. Howie finds the woman, May Morrison, and asks about her daughter. The woman’s daughter is not called Rowan but Myrtle. The mother takes Sgt. Howie into a back room. The daughter Myrtle is there. She was 9 years old last Thursday. (The 9th decanate down from the Sphinx of Virgo/ Leo is the hare.) The daughter is drawing a hare when the Sgt. comes in. The Sgt. asks Myrtle “Where is Rowan?” Myrtle says Rowan is "A hare in the field."
Green Man

The Sgt. needs a place to stay, the next scene is at the Green Man Inn. (The Green Man is another reference to the “ground zero” of the religion of mind. The Green Man is a Pisces/Aquarius motif. It is the bottom of the world tree. The eyes of Osiris inside the Djed Pillar (the world tree) from the Dagon (Pisces/Aquarius) to the Sphinx (Virgo/Leo) are the eyes of the Green Man. The whole island lives at Pisces/Aquarius, at the bottom of the World Tree.)

Everyone at the Green Man Inn is having a great time.

The landlord’s daughter Willow (Brit Ekland) comes out and all the people at the Green Man Inn sing a song to her. "Here's to the landlords daughter… you'll never love another." Sgt. Howie seems to think she might be promiscuous. Sgt. Howie gets a room at the inn.


Sgt. Howie goes to his room and ends the day by saying his prayers. In his room, Sgt. Howie has a flashback in his mind to a past Christian communion when he ate the wafer and drank the wine. In the church flashback he could be heard saying;

“…and the Lord Jesus on the same night on which he was betrayed, took bread, and said; take, eat, this is my body which is broken for you. This do you in remembrance of me. And of the same manner he also took the cup. When he had eaten he said; “This cup is the new covenant in my blood. This do you as oft as you drink it in remembrance of me. For as often as you eat this bread and drink this wine do you show the Lord’s death until he comes again.”

Willow enters the room next to Sgt. Howie. Soon the landlord’s daughter is in bed nude, banging on the wall while singing a song:

"Heigh ho! Who is there?
No one but me, my dear.
Please come say, How do?
The things I'll give to you."

"By stroke as gentle as a feather
I'll catch a rainbow from the sky
And tie the ends together.
Heigh Ho! I am here
Am I not young and fair?
Please come say, How do?
The things I'll show to you."

"Would you have a wond'rous sight
The midday sun at midnight?"

"Fair maid, white and red,
Comb you smooth and stroke your head
How a maid can milk a bull!
And every stroke a bucketful."
(The nude girl, Willow, on the bed is another Pisces/Aquarius motif. She is a siren. The bed is the constellation Pegasus and the girl is the constellation Andromeda. Andromeda is a decanate of Pisces and Pegasus is a decanate of Aquarius. In the menu of the DVD this chapter is called “Sirens Song.”)

May Pole

The next day Sgt. Howie walks to the local school to check for Rowan and sees a maypole nearby with young boys suggestively dancing around it while singing and putting a wreath around the top of the pole.

The Sgt. looks into the school and there is a whole class of girls pounding on their desks in rhythm with the boys singing outside.

Sgt. Howie asks the schoolmaster the significance of the Maypole. She replies “It is the penis in religions such as ours, it symbolizes the generative force in nature.”

Sgt. Howie threatens to report the schoolmaster and then continues his investigation to the grave yard.
Navel String

The Sgt. finds the grave of Rowan Morrison. There is a tree planted on the grave. It looks like there is something hanging on the tree. Howie asks the cemetery keeper "What is that on the tree? It looks like some flesh.” The cemetery keeper replies “It’s the wee poor lass's "navel string." (The March Hare religion is a snake religion. Snakes are known for earthy materialism and thought. In opposition, birds are identified with air or spirit, and heart. Snakes shed their skins and hang out at tree bottoms. Birds fly in the air and hang out at tree tops. The natal string hanging on the tree is the girl’s umbilical cord, kept from birth. It was probably thought to be the human version of a snake skin.)

There is next a scene where Mrs. Morrison tells Myrtle to place a frog into her (the little girl’s) throat. They then remove the frog. The frog croaks and then Mrs. Morrison says “See there, the frog has your sore throat! Can you hear him croaking?”

The Golden Bough

(This is an example of contagious magic. There is an interesting book about such things as contagious magic and umbilical cords called The Golden Bough by Sir James George Frazer. It describes many of these old folk cures and customs.)

Lord Summerisle

Sgt. Howie decides to visit lord Summerisle (Christopher Lee) to get permission to have the grave exhumed. On the way he passes a place that looks like Stonehenge, where there are 12 nude girls singing and dancing and jumping over a fire. Sgt. Howie gets permission to exhume the grave. Lord Summerisle tells Howie about the island’s history and religion.

Howie exhumes the coffin and finds a hare inside. He returns to Lord Summerisle and asks what is going on. Sgt. Howie suspects foul play. The lord says he (Sgt. Howie) should perform the investigation. Sgt. Howie tells the lord he “plans to return to the mainland to report his suspicions to the chief constable of the West Highland Constabulary and demand that a full inquiry be made into the affairs of the heathen island.”

(This movie is clearly associating the hare with the betrayer. In Egyptian mythology the constellation Orion is associated with Osiris and the constellation Canis Major is associated with Isis. It can be hard to find which constellation to use for Set. I have been using the hare (Lepus) as the betrayer for a long time, I believe I got it from an old book on Egyptology by Budge. This movie renews that association. These three associations are fundamentals in mapping old stories and rituals onto the sky. )

Lord Summerisle says “Perhaps it is just as well that you won’t be here tomorrow to be offended by the sight of our May Day celebration.”

The next day, Sgt. Howie goes to his plane and it will not start. He will be staying for the May Day celebrations.
Man dressed as Sinister Woman
The Horse-Man and Punch the Fool

The Sgt. goes to the island’s library and reads about local mythology. He reads about their May Day celebrations being led by three, a man-horse combination, a man dressed as a sinister woman carrying a sickle and some shafts of wheat and then a man dressed as a fool. Sgt. Howie reads about the third character being “a man-fool called “Punch” who is the most complex of all figures. Punch is a privileged simpleton and king for a day.

Star of David with Swords

Sgt. Howie reads on, “sometimes there are six swordsmen that make a “Star of David” with their swords and behead a child. Other times there may be a sacrifice at sea or in a bonfire.”

The Sgt. returns to his room. People are getting ready for the May Day celebration and ritual. He becomes conscious of someone close by. He turns to find a hand with each finger lit on fire, burning on his night stand. He smashes it away and walks outside. (In the DVD chapter index this is called the “Hand of Glory.” I believe it is an asterism somewhere on or near Orion. This is the same motif found in Star Wars when Luke gets his hand chopped off by Darth Vader.) Most of the townspeople have gone but Sgt. Howie sees the horse-man figure in the distance. Sgt. Howie discovers another local man dressing to play the fool. Sgt. Howie ties him up, takes the man’s costume and puts it on. He follows the horse-man to the procession near the town square and joins the heathen celebration as the fool.

Sinister Woman, Horse-Man, and Sgt. Howie as Fool
Swordsmen form Six Pointed Star

The procession is going from the town to the beach. All are wearing costumes. They stop at the place that looks like Stonehenge. The six men put their swords in a Star of David pattern. Each one in the procession must place their head inside the star while the crowd chants “Chop! Chop! Chop! Chop!” The six men could cut off anyone’s head. The fool is close to last but the Sgt. puts his head in the star and nothing happens. He continues his deception. The last to put their head in the star is another hare. The six swordsmen chop the hare’s head off and it appears a person in the procession has been injured or killed. The crowd removes the hare mask and it is a friend of Myrtle’s playing a joke on everyone.

Myrtle’s friend Holly as Hare

Lord Summerisle says “Now, my friends to the beach!” The procession goes to the sea and sacrifices a keg of ale to the sea.

After this, Lord Summerisle says “Now for those who enjoy the fruits of the earth!” The procession moves a short distance up and around a hill. Sgt. Howie sees the missing girl, Rowan Morrison, alive and well, but tied up near a cave entrance.

Rowan Morrison

Sgt. Howie runs up to the girl saying “Its all right, I’m the police.” He unties the girl and the two flee. Rowan leads him into the cave.

(The cave is the rabbit hole of Auriga. In the movie, we now have Sgt. Howie as the fool who has been tricked into the cave (Auriga) by the hare (Lepus) on May Day. We have a good re-enactment of that most famous Easter or “Ishtar” betrayal when it occurred three ages past.)

The girl leads Sgt. Howie out the other end of the cave, where Lord Summerisle, Willow and others are waiting. The girl, Rowan, asks the others how she did and runs to them. They say she did a fine job!

Lord Summerisle then says to Sgt. Howie, “Welcome fool, you have come of your own free will to the appointed place. The game’s over.” Sgt. Howie begins to realize he has been tricked and that he may be the sacrifice.

Sgt. Howie shouts I’m a Christian! If I die I'll come again, but not as your damn apples! I believe in life eternal as promised by my Lord Jesus Christ!

Wicker Man

Others arrive. They bind and take Sgt. Howie over the hill to where he can see the Wicker Man in the distance. Sgt. Howie sees the Wicker Man and screams “Oh God! Oh Jesus Christ! Oh my God!”

Oh God! Oh Jesus Christ! Oh my God!

The Wicker Man is already filled with animals. The group also puts Sgt. Howie into the Wicker Man and sets it on fire. As the Wicker Man burns, we can hear Sgt. Howie screaming; it sounds like his last words are Savior! Savior! Savior!

Savior! Savior!

As the Wicker Man burns it falls apart. One can then see the sunset.


As Spirit dies, matter is created. The sun is Spirit dying. As Spirit goes out of existence, matter comes into existence. When the sun cools, it becomes a planet. Our planet was once a sun. Eventually planets have life on them and Spirit resurrects. The best description of this cosmology I have found is in the book Deceptions and Myths of the Bible by Loyd M. Graham. Graham is rather anti-Christian but if you can get past the criticism, his book has a lot of this very old cosmology.